Holiday in beige aka Family Day

It is official – Family Day is the blandest, least memorable statutory holiday of the entire year. This is confirmed by the fact that my long-suffering staff, whose normal ability to smell a paid day off rivals that of a shark sniffing blood in the water, completely missed it: cheerfully trying to fill up my Monday calendar with appointments made by clients who likewise had forgotten all about the holiday.

As I wisely wrote a couple of years ago, in part the day is forgettable because of the lack of any attendant traditions. There is no mandatory turkey dinner, no costume parties, not even a Polar Bear Swim. I really think we need to address this issue and dream up some appropriate traditions. Something involving Gore-Tex and umbrellas, or yoga pants perhaps, or possibly quick shopping trips across the border, and meals featuring kale. I can’t do this alone people, I need your support and ideas, so put your thinking caps on and email me some suggestions.

You should do this for your own self-preservation right now! Family Day tradition is a blank canvas, but that may soon change, so unless you actually like fruitcake, pumpkin pie, creamed corn or other, similar delicacies that have found their way onto the menu for older feast days, a pre-emptive strike is in order.

Another reason Family Day is so unmemorable stems from its dorky name, as I opined in last year’s post. We really must do better! Personally, I think it’s high time a lawyer got a chance to see his name on a statutory holiday, so I propose that we change the name to Begbie Day, in honour of BC’s first judge, Sir Matthew Baillie Begbie. Now, if you just can’t bring yourself to canonize a member of the legal fraternity, especially one with the nickname ‘the hanging judge’, another option would be to pick the name of a BC politician who has been dead long enough for his or her sins to be forgotten. My pick? Amor de Cosmos – gotta love that name!

So once again, I urge you, make your opinions known, before with a shrug, Family Day becomes colloquially known as ‘Apathy Day’.

Apathy Day

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  1. bryce455 February 11, 2015 at 6:15 am #

    great humour , my colleague

    Bryce J

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