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High sea politics

As the silliness of election season in British Columbia ramps up, I find myself with a familiar sense of ennui. I think of it as “two-party-itis”. Who the hell am I going to vote for? Governments long in power tend to develop a fetid stench, and I find my blood pressure rising whenever Premier Christy’s […]

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Wanted: well-suited, experienced gig lawyers

The Gig Economy, Part II

I blogged recently about the emerging ‘gig economy’ and the challenge it presents to employment law to adapt to meet the needs of both workers and those who hire them in the new economy. The topic had originally come to mind because of our ongoing efforts at GreenWay to attract and retain legal talent (we […]

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GreenWay Legal Leprechauns_3022

We stand corrected!

Just as an iceberg reveals only its tip to the world, GreenWay Legal Centre’s tiny retail footprint in Willowbrook Shopping Centre is but the tip of a massive, well-oiled legal machine that quietly purrs away 24/7 out of sight, and out of mind. We are indeed the law firm that never sleeps, with research tentacles […]

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Sanctuary for the wee folk

For those who care to look, the evidence is there. Tiny footprints in the snow south of Emerson Manitoba, miniature life jackets floating in the tide line in a Newfoundland cove and grim-faced border guards beating the bushes along Zero Avenue. Yes, undocumented Leprechauns are slipping across the border into Canada in ever increasing numbers. […]

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Who makes a living shooting people in the back these days?

The new bounty hunters

Mention “Bounty Hunters” and the image that immediately flashes to mind is one of a steely-eyed Lee Van Cleef, trying to stare down an equally steely-eyed Clint Eastwood in a spaghetti western. One thinks of hard men living hard lives, sleeping rough under the endless western sky while stalking desperados across a trackless prairie. One […]

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