Hakai BC by Christopher Green

The meaning of life

…according to a lawyer. Before I went to law school, I thought I had a pretty good handle on what it took to create a person – the birds and the bees and all that. Boy, was I mistaken! One of our very first study assignments upon entering the hallowed precincts of Osgoode Hall was […]

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Vancouver Law Court_1321

Politically incorrect justice

There is a long corridor on the busy, third floor of the Vancouver court house where the busiest courtrooms in the province crank out justice on an industrial scale. It features a remarkable photo gallery – portraits of every Supreme Court judge who has ever dispensed justice in the Province. Display of political correctness I […]

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assize the court is in session

Oyez, the assize is back in town!

Ah, the ancient tradition of the opening of the assize; the stentorian voice of the sheriff of the county, dressed in a frock coat, and ringing a bell, flanked by scarlet coated Mounties, summoning us, a gaggle of black-robed barristers, chafing under ill-fitting, starched tab collars, to attend before the bar and draw lots to […]

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sing me a lawyers song

Sing me a song

The silver lining in the dark grey storm clouds marking our lousy spring has been the enforced opportunity to tackle long-overdue indoor chores, like sorting one’s sock drawer and organizing one’s music library. It was while embarked upon the later task that I was suddenly struck by a nagging question: Why are there no lawyer […]

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Vimy Ridge

Vimy Ridge 100

One of the most terrifying experiences of my life occurred at Vimy Ridge, about 50 years after the famous First World War battle was over. After fudging my application to say I could actually speak French, I had the profound privilege of scoring a summer job as a tour guide with the Commonwealth War Graves […]

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