Child Travel Consent Form

An Authorization and Consent to Travel document is intended for use by an adult who will be travelling internationally, or by air, with a child (or children) not in the company of all legal custodians. For example, a child travelling with only one parent, or being taken care of by another family member, or by a teacher, coach or chaperone.

Please note that an additional form is required if the child is travelling with different people for the outbound/return journeys.

To use this online travel permission form, please fill in all of the required fields and submit. You will receive an email with the information you provided. Print off and your form is ready to be notarized. Please verify the information as there may be an additional charge for any changes that are required to be made at our office.

Frequently Asked Questions about travel consent for minors

  1. Why do we need a child travel consent form?

    Child abduction, often a result of conflict between spouses, is considered an important international issue. This has resulted in treaties and protocols between nations, designed to prevent children from being taken across international borders without the knowledge of both parents/guardians. Accordingly, when children are not travelling with both their parents or all legal guardians, border or airline officials are required to perform due diligence to potentially protect a child from abduction.

  2. Who has to sign a travel permission form?

    The parents or guardians not accompanying the child(ren) are expected to sign the consent form.

  3. What about durable permissions?

    There is no official answer to this question. It is up to the border officials, in their discretion, to determine if proper permission has been given. Circumstances can change, so a permission previously given may no longer be valid. We recommend that a form permitting only one parent/guardian to travel with a child should be renewed for each trip to ensure the other spouse/guardian is aware of and has agreed to that journey being undertaken.

  4. Does the form have to be notarized?

    This is a matter within the discretion of the airline officials or border authorities examining your documents while in transit, and local formalities will vary from country to country. An informally signed consent may not be considered sufficient and could result in you being turned away. We recommend that the travel permission form be notarized.

If you have any other questions about filling out the child travel form, feel free to email us or visit our blog post on A Simpler Way to Travel!

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