Assistance to Business

Whether your business is in the start-up phase or already well established, GreenWay can provide cost-effective and timely legal advice. In fact, many of our small business clients enjoy the convenience of using our corporate department as their registered and records office.

Here’s a handy checklist when you’re about to take the plunge.

If you are just starting up, you have some critical decisions to make

  • How will your company be structured?
  • Do you need any special licensing?
  • Is your franchise agreement equitable?

There are certain aspects of business that require legal services – such as business incorporation, franchise agreements and leases – all of which are crucial to the long-term survival of any business. We’ll get your business up and running, and will review all contracts, leases and other agreements before you sign them.

For your convenience, we offer a Small Business Start-Up Package, call us for more information on 604-532-1215. The package, which consists of a comprehensive service for new entrepreneurs, includes incorporation, business structuring and set-up advice.

If you are already in business, you will have ongoing legal needs

  • Negotiating office leases
  • Drafting contracts
  • Employee issues
  • Accounts receivable problems
  • Maintaining corporate records
  • Business financing documentation

We provide ongoing service to our corporate clients. This may include an annual review to ensure business is on track, a check on accounts receivable, perhaps even a restructuring of the business due to changed circumstances or new labour legislation. In some cases, it could be as simple as reviewing company forms to ensure that the credit application asks all the right questions, or that invoices are not missing anything.

As an added convenience, we also act as the records office for many of our corporate clients.

Small business check-up

This inexpensive review service will keep your business thriving, as it tracks and documents key indicators from corporate minutes to accounts receivable. The price will vary according to individual needs.